Ahead of the curve

The RustyLynx Experience

We always try to bend over backwards to give our players the best experience we possibly can. With 8,000 Hours of in-game experience across our Staff Team, our goal is to create the "ideal server", with what we have learnt playing in the Rust Community.

On our LearnToPlay Server. We spend a phenomenal amount of time teaching brand new players how to play the game. Infact nearly 3500 Rust Players, learnt to play the game on our LearnToPlay server!

We do thoroughly enjoy teaching people how to play the game. But we also love a bit of action. With our Roots set firmly in the PvP Side of rust, we appreciate the thrill. This is why we have created our very own CombatArenas server. And are developing our own Rust Battlefield server.

Our Story

Rust is a very in-depth, thrilling and emotional game. We think the market for high population servers is heavily oversaturated and wish to provide a unique and more tailored experience for our players. We have always aimed to give our servers a Friendly and Wholesome atmosphere. As our network of servers has grown we have always tried to accomodate to every play style. While keeping the enviroment "Toxicity" Free.

We started with our LearnToPlay server, where we worked on the nuts and bolts of hosting. We developed a Vanilla Server called EU Main for those wanting the raw Rust experience as well as a 2X Modded server for those open to some adjustments.

It is no secret Facepunch (The Developers of Rust) give no consideration to how their updates break things and cause issues to server owners. We have had several compatability issues and unwanted changes that we have had to overcome to maintain our servers. One such change is Mini Copters no longer randomly spawning around the map. This has made teaching players on our LearnToPlay server how to fly them far harder. As such we have incorporated the /MyMini Plugin which allows a player to spawn a minicopter on demand.

At RustyLynx we are always trying to find new ways to enhance our servers. As such we have a range of "Test Servers" That you may find while searching for us in the Rust Server Browser. Here we test Maps we have created, plugins we have written ourselves and plugins written by the community.

Our latest endeavor is our Battlefield Server. After the success of our CombatArenas server, we are trying to branch further into the Fast-Paced, Action Packed PvP Experience that rust has to offer. We are looking to apply everything we have learnt from our CombatArenas Server, along with our findings from experimentation on our test servers.


Learn To Play


Our Flagship Server. We have taught nearly 3500 Rust Players how to play Rust right here.

Combat Arenas


Our greatest undertaking. This took almost 200 days straight to write and configure the plugins for.

2X Modded


Our first Experience with Modded Servers. The Population has died down a bit which makes for the perfect intensity for casual play.

5X Modded

Fast Paced

Loot is more common. But you have to fight NPCs and Players alike to get to it. Nearly all monuments have scientists guarding them, but they drop phenomenal loot when killed.


Work In Progress

1000x Server. Small Map. You spawn with Full Metal Armour and Tier 3 Weapons. Fast Paced Action. But tuned to perfection so as not be "Spawn Die Spawn Die".